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Hoi An Riverside Restaurant

Known for outstanding seafood and meat platters and delicious, authentic local cuisine, Coco Casa’s picture perfect riverside location makes it like a home away from home in Hoi An. 

Truly one of Hoi An’s hidden gems, this cozy, casual yet upmarket find is one of Hoi An’s not-to-be missed restaurants.

A unique and captivating blend of local, traditional art and a secret garden oasis, Coco Casa Hoi An stands ready to welcome you.

Here, we are experts in Vietnamese hospitality and specialize in serving delicious, fresh, and healthy dishes to surprise and delight our local and international guests.

Join us for stunning sunset views, sunset drinks with friends, and a diverse menu that caters to meat and seafood lovers, vegetarians, vegans, and, of course, the little ones. (Yes, we have Chicken Nuggets and Pizzas, too!) 

Bookings are suggested but not required.

Since 2020

Our Humble Beginnings

In early 2020, we opened the doors to Coco Casa, a new concept restaurant in Hoi An featuring all hand-carved, handcrafted interiors by our founder, Le Ngoc Thuan, and his team of artisans from the newly formed Driftwood Village.

With a number of upmarket restaurants and homestays along An Bang Beach, Le Ngoc Thuan already had a reputation in Hoi An, an especially An Bang Beach, as a local success story, having come from the tiny beach village himself.

With Coco Casa, Le Ngoc Thuan wanted to step out and do something new, something different — something extraordinary. He strived to showcase his passion and creativity using upcycled and sustainable materials. Within him, a burning desire to showcase traditional Vietnamese art and to celebrate those craftsman and artisans was driving Coco Casa forward. Working hand-in-hand with local artists and craftsman, Le Ngoc Thuan worked to create elaborate, intricately detailed furnishings, all handmade and unique to Coco Casa.

The result is a stunning art-inspired restaurant and private event space overlooking the beautiful Coco River in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Come in and experience our warmth and hospitality and some sensational sunset views.



Driftwood Village

Founded in 2020 by local artist and restaurateur Thuan Le Ngoc, our workshop and studio bring together artisans, sculptors and woodworkers from the Quang Nam province to create beautiful, artistic and unique works to display in your home or office.

Central Vietnam has long been known as an artistic and creative hub. Our work brings art to life using an unlikely material – driftwood from a local river.

Our aim is to protect skills and heritage that have been passed down for generations. We are working with the artisans to keep these traditions alive, ensuring that their stories and art live on.

The journey

Thu Bon River

The journey to your home begins with a single piece of wood drifting down the Thu Bon River.

From July to October, the flow of Thu Bon River, which starts from the Ngoc Linh Mountain, about 167km away, carries large chunks of tree branches and wood debris to the river outlet of Cua Dai District in Hoi An. This debris is the birthplace of the Coco Casa Collection.

Our Story

Coco Casa Collection

Central Vietnam has long been leaving the beaches devasted and inundated with debris.

A professionally trained architect, passionate artist and mindful entrepreneur, our founder, Thuan Le Ngoc immediately saw an opportunity lying amid the rubbish. Jokingly, a good friend of Thuan’s suggested he create art from the wood scraps that washed up on the beach. Little did he know, that is exactly what Thuan had in mind. With that, his vision to create meaningful, memorable works of art from recycled material was born.

He quickly drove his pickup truck to the beach and searched for pieces of driftwood that matched his vision. One week later, Thuan called up his friend to show him a piece of art.

Needless to say, his friend was more than impressed and encouraged Thuan to continue with his newly discovered medium. Inspired and passionate, Thuan created more pieces and the vision for Coco Casa Collection was born.

“I quite like the driftwood moniker that people started to call me. It implies that I me marketable arts from discards, and that I gave this waste a new life,” Thuan said.


Guest Reviews

Karen Hill


"We ate here a couple weeks back. What a find! Tasty cocktails, superb food with a western twist on eastern tastes. Relaxed atmosphere and efficient service. Out of the city on the banks of the river. Definitely go here if you’re in Hoi An, particularly if you’re staying in one of the nearby beach resorts."

Monica Fink


"I highly recommend enjoying the experience at Coco Casa. The food is delicious and so are the cocktails. Very creative menu. The views over the river are beautiful. Great place to watch the sunset. Staff is attentive and friendly. Absolutely adore the atmosphere."

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